Thursday, July 21, 2016

Chapter 7: A Final Lived Moment

I hope to be pain free and excited about the end. Knowing that these things don't always work out, at a minimum I hope Debbie is holding my hand and lying by my side. It would be great if I were aware of her presence and of others who may be surrounding me, but again, this may not be likely either. At least it feels good to think that it may happen this way.--David

Hospice It's Time. In this video David discusses his decision to go on hospice early. He was on hospice exactly 180 days. We cherished each one as finally we had someone to call when things went wild. We had someone to check on things without bothering our physicians. 

A last picture with Tina, Becky, Jessica, Debbie and Ollie, three days before he died

A foot bath every night- the highlight of the day

Sunshine for the soul

An afternoon lunch with Brad

A final goodbye to Ollie

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