Thursday, July 21, 2016

Chapter 2: Chalkboards: No Better Time to Teach

In Chapter 2 we try to share our favorite videos with you and describe why they were so valuable to each of us. We hope that you can find your favorite as well. 

David's Haircut. We invite you into the salon with us as he looses his beautiful locks--remember to watch for the the mohawk just for Matt and his football team!

Cancer, Chemo and Medications explains the choices one must make as they are taking so many medications. Again, watch the reference to Matt's state-championship football game! 

The 21-Day Cycle of Chemotherapy explains how David feels on various days between treatments. This is the video the man in the hospital was talking about in the beginning of the chapter.

A funny side note here: Notice that David is using his iPad to prop up the chart he made by hand- he couldn't figure out how to get it on his iPad! LOL 

A bonus look at the fun at the famous state championship football game mentioned by Matt in this chapter! Matt's team won and the General was awaiting in the tunnel! 

Tina, Andrew, Jessica prepare to cheer!

Happy General's greet in the tunnel after the victory

Matt on the field

Part of the squad cheering: David, Debbie, Andrew, Jessica, Tina

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